Stay Chords

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Stay Chords   Stay Chords









How To Play Stay – Rihanna Guitar Chords Tutorial/Lesson from


Stay Chords

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16 Responses to “Stay Chords”

  1. Evii Robinson says:

    help* haha

  2. Evii Robinson says:

    So hepful

  3. Michelle Kwee says:

    loveeeee this song, check out my take on this song on my channel! thanks :D

  4. SannaKse says:

    Awesome Thanks! You just made my night

  5. Michelle Lo says:

    good tutorial!

  6. zchordtab says:

    3 times : 1 times

  7. Yasin Mamizade says:

    man at the begining u made u right hand 2 times dw in each chord yeah ?! srry im new in guitar :D

  8. legrandzim says:

    ho thats the one thanks easyer thanks……

  9. zchordtab says:

    It is shorter cuz I cut the duplicated part out which Chord running the same. This clip cover most of every chords in the song. You will hear only verse once then go through the hook, bridge then ending. There shouldn’t have any problem if you finish seeing my tutorial.

    P.s please feel free to ask if you have more question

  10. kittylitter84 says:

    Ummmm just wondering why is your tutorial shorter than the actual song?

  11. kittylitter84 says:

    thank you I’m learning, I’ve got most of it down it’s been….what,2days your lessons are the best!!!

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