Layla chords

admin on March 13, 2013 · 5 comments How to play Layla (in the style of Eric Clapton fromthe Unplugged album.) Includes the intro, the chords, and the strumming patterns. Guitar used for this video: Ovation Celebrity Deluxe

Everyone knows Clapton’s Layla it needs no introduction. But, do you remember the first time you heard it unplugged? I know I do and I was blown away. I knew it sounded familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. Well anyway enjoy learning Eric Clapton’s unplugged version of Layla.

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5 Responses to “Layla chords”

  1. Jarrod S says:

    I believe the seventh is flat because it’s a DOMINANT seventh chord, and not a major seventh chord. There are major and minor seventh chords, but there are also dominant seventh chords. There is actually a diminished triad in every dominant seventh chord, which is why they have that particular character to them.

  2. Marc St.james says:

    cool, Got a request for a song…(hate that!) so…there you are with the same guitar I just purchased used on a whim and a memory….anyway…that’s cool..and thanks.. (not that I believe in karma….but hey connections are connections… whatever…now what was that chprd?

  3. theshowmecanuck says:

    Nice but you’re not fingering the C#m7 or G#7 correctly. The C you play on the 3rd string of the C#m7 should be flatted to Bb (flat 7 makes a 7th chord, 7th=B). I have no idea why a 7th chord requires a flatted 7th and not a natural. Similar on the G#7, the G you play on the 4th string should be an F (the flat 7th). And what you said was a Bb chord is a really a B which is right (B root second fret A string). Clapton seems to mute the first string on the D. :) Got a couple ideas from you, Thnx!

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